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From now on, digitization expert I4 Consult GmbH and the provider for enterprise search and information management solutions, interface projects GmbH, are working together strategically.
Cologne-based digitization expert I4 Consult has been advising customers on current topics such as Enterprise Content Management, Business Analytics and Business Process Management since May 2017.

The company is an expert in the sale of innovative IT solutions to optimize business processes in the context of digital transformation and Industry 4.0. The portfolio of the young company includes crowd solutions, as well as managed service, cloud solutions, mailroom solutions, workflow solutions and mobile recording solutions.

“Especially in larger companies, things are still very conventional today. Information is still sought in a conventional manner. It searches in paper trays, pulls documents out of folders and sometimes incorrect documents are also filed. It is an absolute must for the future that when companies digitize, they also structure themselves so that information can be found quickly. Here we still see countless potential in the context of digitalization in companies. Our consulting approach is based on an enterprise search solution such as intergator, ”says Egbert Fischer, managing director of I4 Consult GmbH.

“With I4 Consult GmbH we have found an excellent sales partner. For us, this means a further step in the development of our portfolio, ”says Eduard Daoud, Head of Marketing, Sales and Professional Service.

Companies currently do not yet know enough about this enormous potential to find, visualize, analyze data effectively and draw certain conclusions from it. This is reason enough to approach customers with advice right here.

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